Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's Try Again...

Well, so much for doing a Civil War Week. That was over two years ago and I haven’t posted since. Not that anyone was really interested in what I had to rant about the whole thing (though, see below).

I’m going to try and post things here more often. Not daily – god no! But I’ll try to stick something here occasionally when I feel like it, even if it’s just a line or two saying about some TV show I’ve watched recently and whether I like it. Maybe.

As to Civil War – I’ve now read the trade paperback collection (I borrowed it from my local library). And… it’s okay. Mark Millar’s story has a fair amount of action and if you don’t think too much about it all it comes across as quite enjoyable. Of course, as soon as you do think about it, it generally falls apart. Things are just taken too far for the sake of, I dunno, conflict. Steve McNiven’s art is okay – it’s generally clean, understandable and straightforward although his faces sometimes look a bit funny. But I’m not as wowed about it as some people seemed to be. Sure, it was nice to keep the same art team on the book for all 7 issues but at the expense of running late…?

So, generally good but not brilliant. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but still flawed. I guess it doesn’t help that the Civil War was branched off into dozens of other Marvel books so this TPB only tells half the story. So, as for a rating, I’ll give it a charitable Very Good.

There, that’s it for a review – everyone else has had his or her say so it’s not like I’m going to add anything new. And it doesn’t help that I’m about a year and a half late!

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