Thursday, February 19, 2009

Demons: Nothing Like Nebraska (episode 6)

And that was that. Demons comes to an end with a slightly better episode but nothing that leaves me particularly thrilled. I had hoped that this series would get better as it went along. Buffy, its American counterpart, was shaky to begin with but got better. Unfortunately, Demons didn't follow the same path. Mind you, Demons only had 6 episodes...

We found out some interesting information about Luke's dad Jay and how he died. We'd known for a while that Galvin was somehow involved in Jay's death but not the details. It seems Jay, instead of smiting half-lives, was interested in forming a truce with them. He wanted humans and half-lives to live together. For some reason, this required giving his baby son (Luke) to the half-lives, which Galvin stopped.

Sure, Jay giving baby Luke to the monsters seemed like a loony idea. Perhaps he thought that a human - and a Van Helsing at that - brought up by half-lives would appreciate their point of view and be able to heal the rift between them? Or some nonsense.

But why is the idea of deciding to form a truce with them instead of killing them (like Galvin does) such a bad idea? Up to now, the half-lives have not been painted as completely evil creatures. Heck, some - like Mina and Father Simeon - appear to be good guys helping the gang. So surely joining with them and routing out the bad ones sounds like a reasonable idea. Jay actions - other than the whole giving your baby son away - didn't seem that bad. So it's difficult to understand why Galvin is right and Jay is wrong and why we should care.

Also difficult to understand was Thrip's nature. Was he a ghost, as he seemed to be throughout most of the episode? Or a vampire, as Mina named him when she attacked him? Being a vampire would explain how she could kill him but other attacks couldn't. But can vampires do ghostly things in the Demons universe? It was a nice bit with Mina vamping out but the end seemed to be resolved too quickly.

So, overall, this wasn't a bad series but it wasn't a particularly good one either. Okay, I guess, but it wouldn't stand a chance against Doctor Who. And it isn't even as good as BBC3's Being Human. It also appears that the viewing figures have been falling as the series continued, from about 6.2 million to 3.4 million. So it doesn't look likely that we'll see series 2.

Grade: Good.

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