Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hawk the Slayer Sequel and Youngblood

Blimey. It appears that the 80's cheesy fantasy film Hawk the Slayer is getting a sequel. I fondly remember the original, which although cheesy to the extreme was also very atmospheric and Dungeons-and-Dragonsy. I'm sure it's not dated well - it's been dozens of years since I've seen it - but I do remember it having the coolest elf in cinema history, called Crow. That guy could fire arrows like a machine-gun!

The fact that they're doing a sequel - called Hawk the Hunter - at first makes me go "Yeah!!" and then makes me think "Why?!". I mean it's hardly like it was a big hit at the time. And as far as I know, people haven't been desperate for a sequel. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing it (if it ever actually comes out).

Also, there are rumours that Brett Ratner is going to be directing a Youngblood film. Yep, the Image comic series from the 90s, created by Rob Liefeld (god bless 'im), might actually make it to the big screen! Seriously!

What is the world coming to?

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