Monday, February 02, 2009

Top of the Pops

This week's number one in the UK is Lily Allen's "The Fear". I've only heard it once but it sounded damned good. Hopefully I'll hear it many more times when it gets played repeatedly on the radio (especially on Radio 1).

Mind you, I really liked Miss Allen's first album "Alright, Still" so I'm somewhat biased. It was bouncy and boppy and I strangely like her singing Cockney accent. There are also some great, amusing lines in the songs too, even though the lads in her life seem to be getting an almighty putdown. Not a bad song on that album, in my opinion.

I even have, and liked, her song (was it called "Oh My God"?) on Mark Ronson's "Version". :)

Makes a change from listening to High School Musical or Girls Aloud – that’s what my daughter’s into at the moment.

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