Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy Watchmen Movie Eve!

To contrast with the link to that Alan Moore interview that I posted yesterday, here's a link to an interview with Dave Gibbons. The bad news is that this interview is much, much shorter than Alan's; the good news is that Dave Gibbons has a much more positive view on things. I prefer Dave's restrained enjoyment to Alan’s dark contempt.

Also, Tom Mason has posted a list of Watchmen links galore! There's a lot of good stuff there - including the Dave Gibbons interview - but one of my favourites is Tom Spurgeon's 10+ Entrance Points Into Watchmen.

Well, what with that bit about Alan Moore yesterday and now this little post, it seems that my Watchmen Week is stretching over 10 days or so. And tomorrow, the movie finally gets released.

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