Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heroes (vol 4 ep 3) and Smallville (season 8 ep 9)

Heroes – “Building 26”

Heroes first, which was on Monday evening here in the UK. Not that I have a lot to add other than to say that this week's episode seemed a little slower than, and not as eventful as, the others. Not much seemed to happen. Some government woman visited Nathan and his team and was considering closing down his "capture the heroes" operation. Then that Hunter guy let Tracy escape and she froze somebody, killing them. That made the government woman reconsider (because, of course, a prisoner who had been tortured and then kills someone whilst trying to escape means that all superpowered people are dangerous and should not be allowed the usual human rights).

Meanwhile, Sylar had that kid tagging along and edged closer to finding his father, Claire told her mother about what Noah's doing, and - for some unknown reason - Hiro and Ando stopped a woman in India from marrying a man she didn't love. Not sure what that latter one is all about.

Anyway, it's okay but not as exciting as the last couple of episodes. Also, what did the title of this have to do with anything? It drops to Very Good.

Smallville – “Abyss”

Now Smallville. I forgot all about this being on E4. It had been repeating the episodes of season 8 that were shown before Christmas but now it's caught up and on to new episodes. In fact, a new episode was shown last week and I missed it (something about Clark going to the Phantom Zone and finding Kara).

Anyway, this was a great episode. Little Chloe was very convincing as a younger version of Big Chloe although Little Clark wasn't. Nice effects with Chloe's memories disappearing and the Krypton symbols. Some interesting foreshadowing of the coming of Doomsday. And, oh heck, the crystals in the Fortress of Solitude have now been infected with black Brainiac goo.

Unfortunately, the resolution of Chloe's memory loss was a bit of a cop-out. Clark just took her to the Fortress and Compu-Jor-El "cured" her. Easy-peasy, no problems. All over in moments. Hmmm...

I'm rather fond of Smallville. Yes, I know it's not brilliant. Sometimes you have to forget common sense, its version of the Superman history doesn't match the comic book, and belief is often stretched to breaking point - but it is entertaining. And it's fun when new guest characters based (sometimes loosely) on comic book heroes pop up. Fine.

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