Monday, March 09, 2009

Last Night's TV

Unfortunately, Being Human is no longer on so Sunday night TV has become a bit boring again. Anyway, here's some quick comments on yesterdays trashy (or not so trashy) TV:

Wolverine and the X-Men

Okay, this wasn't on last night but it was on yesterday on the CBBC channel here in the UK. I mentioned this a while back in my link to the X-Men Evolution cartoons. This more recent cartoon series follows on in a similar style although it's, ahem, 'evolved' and different.

It's pretty good. Instead of just being done-in-one stories there's a feeling of an ongoing storyline filtering through the episodes. Unfortunately, either the episodes are shown out of order, the way the episodes are put together is muddled, or my memory is a bit confused (this option is highly likely) but it feels at times like the episodes don't flow together.

Still, it's a great, well-made cartoon series - looking out for guest-starring mutants that have been in the X-Men books is fabulous fun. And whoever voices Magneto does a great impression of Ian McKellan.

Update: I've since found out that apparently here in the UK we're getting these Wolverine and the X-Men episodes before the US and Canada. But after places like Brazil and Portugal (although this seems vague)? Or something. I didn't realise these were so new - I had thought they'd been aired last year in the US. I also didn't realise that CBBC was showing WatXM on days other than Sunday, which means that I might have missed some episodes. Damn!

Dancing On Ice

Ray Quinn is still the obvious frontrunner (even if he does come across as a little smarmy). But, with Todd Carty being dropped weeks ago, this show isn't as entertaining - albeit in a cringe worthy way - as it was.

Come Dine With Me

This is the show where 4 or 5 people take turns to invite the others round to their house for a three-course and then they score each other on how good the food, and entertainment, was. This was probably the most amusing show on last night, mainly due to the weird characters and the voice-over man with his sly, witty comments. Had me laughing anyway.

Two Pints of Lager...

...and a Packet of Crisps, BBC3's longest running sitcom (and, perhaps, longest running show generally) set in Runcorn, just north of my hometown. First on last night there was a "special" with characters from other, lacklustre BBC3 sitcoms and then a "Making Of" type documentary. The former was, to be honest, not very good and, as my wife noted, the latter was actually more amusing. The thing I noted from this though was how tall Lauren Laverne is.

I've generally liked Two Pints, although it is somewhat juvenile and vulgar at times. However, I don't like it that much to actually watch it every week. In fact, looking at a number of clips I think I've missed lots of episodes. Not that I'm bothered to catch-up.

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