Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Smallville: Bride (s8 ep10)

The majority of this episode was somewhat soppy and… well… dull. It was Chloe and Jimmy's wedding so it was all lovey-dovey. Strangely they had the wedding in Clark's barn (married in a barn?!?), which I guess saved money on building a new set. Lois was also getting all misty-eyed over Clark. I think Lois' affections were reciprocated - Clark almost kissed Lois - but it was difficult to tell because Clark always looked kind of bemused. There didn't seem to be any emotion shown on Tom Welling's face at all.

Lana returned, which stopped the aforementioned kiss between Lois and Clark. To be honest, I'm not really bothered about Lana. For umpteen seasons, we watched as the Clark and Lana storyline went nowhere and now I'm actually glad she's gone. Well, she was until now (and, I believe, this return is only temporary).

So, overall, meh.

And then, in the last ten minutes or so, Davis turns into Doomsday and trashes the wedding, kidnapping Chloe and mortally wounding poor Jimmy. Of course, Clark stumbles into a box containing some Kryptonite so doesn't get to fight much against Doomsy (ho hum). But still, these last moments at the end managed to drag this week's Smallville out of Dullsville and leave me excited for next week's episode. It's amazing what a cliff-hanger can do!

Grade: Very Good (mainly due to the last quarter of the show).

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