Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Night Fights: Invincible

Wahay! I actually won last week's Friday Night Fight, with a poorly scanned-in Avengers image. I'm guessing the George Perez art helped. Must keep that in mind in the future.

Anyway, enough of the celebrations. It's that time again for another Friday Night Fights: One Panel of Pain, hosted by Spacebooger.

And this time, it's Invincible who's taking a beating. To be honest I could pretty much post any panel of issue #12 of Invincible because there's so much pain in there. But here's Invincible himself getting smacked around by his father, Omni-Man.

(this panel is taken from Invincible #12 written by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Ottley and colour by Bill Crabtree)

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