Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Night Fights: Ze Leapair

It's time for Spacebooger's Friday Night Fight again! And this week's One Panel of Pain stars one of my favourite Captain America villains of all time - Batroc Ze Leapair!

Now, I sort of wonder whether this panel has been put forward as a Friday Night Fights entry before because it seems an obvious choice. But I can't remember seeing it - although my memory ain't that great. Apologies if it's been used before...

Anyhow, here Batroc doesn't fight his usual Marvel Universe adversaries but instead goes toe-to-chin with the caped crusader himself - Batman. And, surprisingly he actually gets the drop on the Dark Knight! Sacre Bleu et Zut Alors!

(take from JLA/Avengers #4 by the almighty team of battlin' Kurt Busiek and pulse-poundin' George Perez. In case you didn't know)

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