Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day Seven - Epcot

Epcot today. We got the the busy bus at 9.25 which was packed again and went around the houses before heading to Disney. By the time we got there it was mid morning so we decided to stay a little later.

Good job we did because Epcot was busy. Still, with a couple of good uses of fastpasses we got on Soaring and Test Track - both good. We also did Mission Earth, the Sea place, Figments imagination doodah and most of Future World and the lands. We missed out Ellens Energy adventure and one or two other things but we'll do that another day...

...Partially because we didnt really do the World Showcase area other than Mexico and Norway. Hannah did get given a pin to add to her small collection from a CM and we also bought a Figment one. Then at 8pm we headed back to the hotel before going to CiCis pizza for dinner. Now Im stuffed with pizza and ready for bed.

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