Friday, October 08, 2010

Merlin: Gwaine

Well, this week's episode was a step up from last week but still didn't achieve the excitement of the first two epsiodes of Season 3. It was suitably dramatic with a couple of nice fight scenes - the beginning bar-room brawl and the armoured sword fight at the end - but still felt somewhat average. However, I did thoroughly enjoy the character of Gwaine (I always thought it was spelt Gawain - or is that another knight?) and thought Eoin Macken played him in a wonderfully rough but charming manner.

The story seemed somewhat familiar though - a sort of conglomoration of the attempted assasination at a tournament (like season 1's "Valiant" or season's 2's "The Once and Future Queen") with the introduction of one of the knights of the Round Table (like "Lancelot", again from season 1). The bad guys must've had one heck of a grudge against Arthur because they went to a lot of trouble to kill him. Why not just pretend to be a knight and live the high life at Camelot or elsewhere? Also, it was kinda handy for the tournament that they got hold of some magical 'blunt' swords.

In a way, although this week was better, part of me enjoyed last week's episode more for some reason. That earlier episode was lighter, I guess. Still, "Gwaine" was enjoyable just nothing to get excited about. And, again, it did nothing to further any ongoing storyline as at the end we saw Gwaine being sent away from Camelot probably never to be seen again. Pity.

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