Sunday, November 07, 2010

Day 15 (and 16) - Home

Back home, safe, sound and somewhat weary. Yesterday, we wandered around the block around the hotel looking in the bargain gift shops and buying a few nibbles for the airport. Then just after lunch the bus (a better one than that that took us to the parks) took us to the airport.

Airport okay and they loaded us onto the plane early. Airplane was different type going back, smaller with much shorter leg space - very cramped. And the films were even the same ones as going out! Not very good. Thankfully, due to a brisk tail wind, we arrived 1hr 45mins early.

Once back and after waiting an age for our luggage, we got a taxi home and, because it was still early and dark, had a short sleep.

Overall, a very good holiday, if a little rushed and tiring on the feet.

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