Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cosmics: Cosmonaut

Unassuming but handsome Viktor Voronoy defected to America at the end of 1991 during the breakdown of the former Soviet Union. A highly trained military aircraft pilot, he soon joined the ranks of the US Air Force. One day, when instructed to investigate a strange UFO hovering high above the American South East, Viktor found that his fighter plane was rendered immobile and then bombarded with cosmic rays. Thought lost, Viktor miraculously reappeared on the edge of the Everglades seemingly unharmed. But something inside him had changed. Now power pulsed within his veins and he soon discovered that he had strange abilities beyond those of normal men. With this cosmic power, Viktor became the Cosmonaut - America's champion of justice!

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Nimbus said...

I've just made up Cosmonaut. I had written up this brief background for a computer MMORPG character (which I never played because I've neither the time nor a decent enough PC required to play these things) but he was going to be called Skyman. I've altered it slightly for this and changed the name to fit into the whole 'cosmic' theme. He's this world's version of Superman. Also, he's now dead.