Friday, December 24, 2010

Cosmics: Merry Christmas

One year ago...

"...hordes of cameras flash here outside Millenia city hall as, like a brightly coloured Christmas present, the roster of the newly reformed Cosmic Knights is unwrapped to the public".

"The Professor comes out onto the steps first. She's clothed in a technologically-advanced battlesuit, her gray-blonde hair streaming out behind her. Due to her experience it is speculated that she will be the Cosmic Knights' new leader. She raises her hand in greeting and is met with a roar of approval".

"Close behind, but keeping to the shadows, is the Twilight Man whose features are obscured by his dark gray mask. Little is known about this hero, however he was a member of the last iteration of the Cosmic Knights and is highly regarded by the others".

"Maxwell Merlini, the debonair master of magic, is next. Rumours have it that this is the same Merlini who fought crime in top hat and tails in the 30s and 40s as well as the hero who helped the former Knights in '99. However, this moustached man doesn't look a day over 40. He smiles a broad grin and raises his hat to the cheering public".

"Next is the dynamic defender, Dr Dynamo. There's no sign of the Living Lightning's new young sidekick, Kid Kinetic, who is apparently not an official member of the team. Dr Dynamo literally crackles with energy as he joins his fellow teammates".

"In an effort to cement relations with Europe, France's Jean-Pierre Charmant is the next member to appear and is also the newest cosmic to arrive in Millenia. Transforming into his huge Beast form, he waves as the crowd gasps in wonder. His vast strength and handsome good looks should be a huge boon to the group".

"Elastic Man arrives on the scene next, stretching his body around those already gathered. He raises his hand which expands to enormous dimensions, mimicking the foam hands worn by many outside the city hall here today".

"From the doorway, Unicorn and Blindsight step out hand-in-hand. To the disappointment of many of his female fans, Unicorn secretly wed his beautiful bride Blindsight earlier this year. This hasn't stopped the familiar silver sparkling sight of the athletic teleporter appearing all around Millenia, saving the day time and again".

"Finally, a mystery man shuffles onto the steps, behind all the others. Officially, this is the team's doctor but rumour has it that he also has cosmic abilities. Perhaps more information about this healer will be made public in the coming days?"

"So, gathered together on this chilly, but bright, Floridian winter afternoon, the new Cosmic Knights salute the crowd and usher in a new - and hopefully more fortunate - chapter for this cosmic team. And, to all our viewers watching us today, WPRN would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!"

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