Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cosmics: Monstro's Rampage

"Hi. This is Lena Lewis of WSVN news reporting live on the outskirts of Miami. Reports are coming in regarding the apparent wholesale destruction of downtown Miami by what some are calling Monstro - a giant humanoid cosmic-powered monster taller than any skyscraper here in southern Florida. Authorities say this Monstro started its attack earlier this morning, around 11am EST, and has continued to rampage through the city since then. Nothing seems..."

(A large explosion in the near distance causes the camera to shudder)

"...Woah! That... that was close... Anyway, yes, nothing seems to be able to stop it. Cosmic heroes in the region have raced to Miami to try and protect the city and drive back the monster, but their efforts appear to be in vain. We've reports of hundreds of deaths, including America's own champion of justice, the Cosmonaut, and a handful of other heroes".

"We did manage to get a few words from the Professor earlier after she had assisted the authorities in the city's evacuation..."

(Scene cuts to a grainy image of the Professor on her hover platform constructing some sort of large, high-tech device. Tears are streaming down her face)

"It... it killed him. He... he was the most powerful of us all but somehow it contorted the space-time matrix, warping the interstitial space within his molecular construction. And it froze Rocket Man. Froze him solid! Whilst Oak spontaneously combusted and Captain Miraculous transformed into a young boy. The chaos energy the creature is emitting is too great for even me to measure and it keeps shifting, changing. I... I don't know what it is. Merlini called it Monstro - some sea monster from a movie - and I guess the name is as good as any for this... murderer.

Now please, keep back. I need to build a chaotic conversion matrix, though whether Dr Dynamo can produce enough electrical energy to power it in order to contain this Monstro, I don't know. It's just so... powerful. And... and Viktor's dead. I... Please stay BACK!!"

(The image breaks up and returns back to Lena Lewis, looking worried, as more explosions echo nearby)

"This is one of America's greatest disasters since the dawn of the Cosmic Age back in the sixties. Most of this southern city has been destroyed and no one knows whether the cosmics can stop the creature from causing further damage. Radio signals cannot be transmitted out and reporters are not being allowed inside the city limits. Even the air space has been closed after a jet plane was apparently transformed into snow".

"So, in the meantime, our prayers go out to those still trapped in the city whilst we cross our fingers and hope that our cosmic heroes prevail against this Monstro".

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