Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being Human (Season 3 Episode 1)

It was lucky that I bought a newspaper with a TV guide this weekend because I hadn't realised that Being Human was back on Sunday. I knew it was due to come back soon but not this week!

Anyway, I managed to catch it and, yes, it was very good. Whereas ITV's Primeval is sort of good in a "don't-expect-too-much-from-this-piece-of-light-entertainment" way, Being Human surpasses it and into the realms of absolutely flippin' excellent. Gripping character drama with a splattering of ghostly gore, a pondering of wolfy weirdness and a smack of vampiric violence.

Mitchell had to descend into Purgatory (which wasn't quite so bureaucratic as expected) to bring Annie back whilst George was mistakenly caught 'dogging' (ha ha) and had to be released from prison by Nina whilst minutes away from transforming. And whilst the gang settled into their new faux-Hawaiian digs on Barry Island, a couple of new werewolves enter the scene and get caught up with some cage-fight loving vampires.

My only complaint would be the influx of 'known' actors into the show. What with Stacey from Eastenders, Dennis Pennis, Robson Green and even Rhys from Torchwood, it was almost a case of "Spot the Celebrity" this week and sort of distracted me from the show. I prefer it when secondary characters are not played by actors well known for other parts (still, having said that, I thought Robson Green was very good and the others weren't bad either).

Still, that's a minor complaint. Lia's revelation to Mitchell that his death has already been accounted for and that he will be killed by a werewolf will no doubt haunt our friendly vampire for the rest of the season. I do wonder though whether Lia's name could perhaps be pronounced "liar" - maybe she is actually the Devil, the lord of lies, himself and seeking to plant seeds of distrust in Mitchell's mind? We shall see.

What with Hustle on Friday evenings, Primeval on Saturdays and now Being Human on Sunday nights, TV at the weekend currently looks pretty good.

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