Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cosmics: Dynamic Daydreams and Missing Mentors

Kid Kinetic still couldn't find Dr Dynamo. Any clues to his whereabouts didn't seem to make sense. It was so frustrating. But then again, life in his normal, slowed-down guise was frustrating. He wanted to run, wanted to feel the excitement that came with hurtling along the ground at a hundred miles an hour. Instead, right now, he was stuck in class listening to a boring lecture whilst daydreaming about one of his first training sessions with Dr Dynamo…

"No kid", called out Doctor Dynamo, one of America's finest superheroes, "you've got to time your punch right. Accelerate up, pull back your fist and, just a moment before you think you're going to hit, swing. No earlier!"

The blurred figure of Kid Kinetic, also known as Marty MacNeil when not in costume, zipped from the other side of the abandoned warehouse and, in the blink of an eye, was standing next to Dr Dynamo rubbing his injured right fist.

"ButitfeelslikeI'mswingingtoolate", explained Marty, speaking so fast that the words all ran into one.

"Slow down, kid", admonished Dr Dynamo, "That's your problem; sometimes you're
too quick".

Marty saw Dr Dynamo sigh and then, with a crack of lightning, launch himself across the warehouse. Dr Dynamo was about to pick up the mannequin they'd been using for target practice when Marty suddenly zipped past, a blur of colour, and picked it up himself.

"Letmegetthatforyou", uttered Marty as he placed the dummy on the stand. Dr Dynamo shook his head but Marty didn't notice. He was too busy rushing around the room. He zipped off, turned on a dime and then rushed back, trying once more to land a decent supersonic punch on the dummy.

Kid Kinetic realised that he'd been lucky to find a mentor like Dr Dynamo. When his cosmic powers had surfaced nearly a year ago, it had taken him by surprise.

Up until then, Marty had only dreamed of moving fast. He'd always loved watching motor racing on TV, jet fighters at air shows and sprinters at sporting events but he'd always been slow and steady.

Suddenly he found himself running as quick as a car and not being able to stop. His cosmic abilities had been so hard to control at first - the energy just wanted him to move quicker and quicker. It was exhilarating but also a little scary and not very practical.

Thankfully, Dr Dynamo had been nearby and, after they'd managed to get him to slow down, the good Doctor had trained him in the use of his abilities. Together they had fought crime, stopping those who wanted to harm or cause fear in others. He'd been the sidekick to one of the greatest heroes who had ever lived (at least in Marty's view).

That was then though. Now he was no longer a sidekick because just a while back, Dr Dynamo disappeared. No one seems to know where he's gone or what's happened to him. One day he was fighting Entropy and then suddenly he was gone. Maybe Entropy's chaos effect had sent Dr Dynamo somewhere? But no one has seen Entropy since that day either, so Marty can't ask him. It was all so frustrating.

But perhaps, wondered Marty as his teacher waffled on at the front of class, he could get a lead to his mentor's whereabouts from the Cosmic Knights?

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