Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cosmics: Red Baron

  "Red Baron, this is Red Leader. The rat is in the trap", chattered the radio in the Red Baron's headset.

Reflected streetlights gleamed scarlet from the polished exterior of the Red Baron's helmet as he stood looking over at the luxurious building in the gloom. The 'rat', in this case, was Millenia's senator and the 'trap' was a building that had been rigged with explosive earlier that day. As far as the Red Brigade knew, they were attacking yet another capitalist leader of this country in order to bring down the old and usher in the new. However, what they didn't know was that the Red Baron had taken an order for the death of this man and would make a large amount of money from this hit.

In the suit of high-tech armour, the Red Baron smiled.

"Excellent", he muttered into his radio microphone as he steepled the fingers in front of him. "Time for the Brigade to disappear", he added.

He waited a moment longer and then lifted up his burnished, left gauntlet to near his visor. By now, having taken out the guards around the building and planted the explosives, his agile agents would be converging on the Sky Fortress away from the building. He was free to detonate the device. In a somewhat louder voice, he cried out,

"May the Reign of Red prevail!"

And, with his right gauntlet, he pressed a button on his left. There was a dull thump and then a high-pitched whoosh as bright, red light streamed out of the building into the night sky. The Red Baron stepped back and a few seconds later there was an almighty boom as the small building in front of him collapsed into dust and rumble.

With a grin, the Red Baron pressed another button on his gauntlet and the boot jets in his armoured battlesuit fired into life. With a quick salute, he blasted off into the night sky and towards his gleaming red Sky Fortress.

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