Monday, January 24, 2011

Primeval: Series 4 Episode 5

Another entertaining episode (though not quite as good as last weeks) with one or two plot holes and hints of interesting things to come. Again, just three of the main ARC crew (it's good to see Becker was given some time off after almost dying last week) head off to investigate an unstable anomaly in some seaside village. And again I have to ask why they didn't take along some military back-up?

BTW, considering this coastal village has a holiday caravan site nearby, why were the locals so rude and "Slaughtered Lamb"-like in the pub? Surely they see plenty of tourists in there and so should be used to newcomers?

Anyway, when the inevitable point comes and they have to split up, Abby is left to track and take down the (yet another) dino-croc - a Labyrithodont - on her own whilst Connor investigates the anomaly. Which is both near an old farm and, in the next moment, near the cliffs. I guess the anomaly detectors don't work in 3D as the anomaly is actually under the farm in a dark, damp cave. For a while, I did wonder whether they'd killed off Abby (noooo!) but, thankfully, she came back to save the day and send mummy and baby dino-croc back to their own time.

Philip, back at the ARC, eagerly learnt one or two new things about anomalies - specifically that they are weakened by acid. I wonder what the high-flying business mogul wants with these unstable time portals?

The most interesting part was Emily's kidnapping by Ethan. Matt went off to rescue her and we discovered there's more to this Ethan chap than originally thought. For one thing, if he's from Victorian times, how did he know how to drive a car? It seems that he may be from the present but has traveled to the future and to the past. Certainly Gideon, Matt's mysterious adviser, is very interested in him and believes this mysterious newcomer might be the big threat he's been predicting.

So, who is Ethan and where does he come from? What is Philip planning to do regarding the anomalies? What does Gideon know and how does he know it? And why is Matt so mysterious? It's these questions that elevate this average monster hunt episode up to a decent show.

Finally there was that single word mentioned in the post-credit teaser for next week's episode - "Jenny". Looks like Jenny Lewis is back!

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