Thursday, February 03, 2011

Being Human: Adam's Family

This week's episode seemed to be playing things more for laughs, what with "the last Russell Brand" Mitchell's (I never realised his first name was John. Why does everyone call him Mitchell?) job interview and the kinky events in the posh country house. Yes, it was funny but in an oddly disturbing way. Other than Mitchell's guilt over the Box Tunnel 20, this episode also seemed to put the main characters' stories to the side for a moment to concentrate on Adam, a 46 year old vampire stuck in the body of a 16 year old.

At the start of the episode, we're shown how Adam's parents coped with his 'condition', letting him drink their blood to keep his vampiric hunger at bay. It's a creepy, cooky sort of love this family shows for its child that, like a funhouse mirror, is reflected in the "love" that gimp number 7 shows for Richard and Emma, allowing them to drink his blood and servicing their 'needs'. It also makes us wonder which family is more disturbing - the one who lets their 46 year old son suckle from their veins or the seemingly respectable middle-class family who partake in sordid sex games, consider humans to be pets and keep a gimp in the basement.

Of course, Adam's natural parents being mortal, it's only a matter a time before they wind up in a hospital at death's door (literally in the case of Being Human). This is where Nina and George meet Adam, as he takes a last feed of his father's dwindling blood supply. After a brief chase, Nina, being a caring soul, takes him in, hoping that Mitchell can help him.

Meanwhile, Annie has unilaterally assigned herself Mitchell's guardian angel, much to Mitchell's annoyance ("And I need to iron your free paper. I'm not sure why, but I saw it on House of Elliot"). Humorously, this causes Mitchell to initially fail at his job interview as a cleaner at the hospital. Later, it seems Annie has somehow helped secure him the job (though it isn't explained how).

Back to George and Nina who want Mitchell to help out the wonderful Adam - who is stuck as a cocky, horny teenager from the early 80s. Having recently met up with Richard, an emissary of the Old Ones who offered an escape from the Box Tunnel aftermath, Mitchell suggests they take Adam to him. And this is where things get even weirder and slightly disturbing with the aforementioned gimps and kinky, ritual sex parties...

...though also very amusing when Nina and George eventually decide to head back to 'rescue' Adam ("We'll wipe our feet on the way out" "I'd high five you if I had a free hand").

Once back with the gang at Honolulu Heights, Mitchell gives some advice to Adam telling him that he should surround himself with friends whom he doesn't want to let down. Considering these words, Adam then leaves to find his own place in the world - and into the start of "Becoming Human", a web (or red button) based extra. This is sort of like Being Human's version of Grange Hill (or a cross between the parent show and Skins, as some have put it) and is an excellent little addition.

Heading to a school to finally get some qualifications after 30 years, Adam gets stuck in detention with a standoffish werewolf called Christa who is haunted by a food-loving, friendless ghost called Matt. They soon realise that in order for Matt to find his death's door and move on to the afterlife, they have to play detectives and discover who killed Matt and why. Altogether an excellent, though lower budget, start.

So, another great episode - though it's a pity that Annie gets played more as comic relief and doesn't have a story arc herself. Plus there's that little mystery at the end of what's behind that locked door in the bowels of the hospital. Is it the Type 4 of next week's episode?

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