Monday, February 14, 2011

Being Human: The Pack

This week's Being Human brought a number of threads together into an almost midseason finale - though somewhat low key and not really a finale. It was decent enough, with a few laughs (highlights including a ventriloquism act, an unusual double-bill at the cinema, and a dirty talk script) but just felt like it was average episode for me. Mind you, average on Being Human is still pretty exciting.

The wolfy McNairs show up again when Nina and George decide they need to find out more about giving birth to a werewolf. Quite why George thought the young werewolf he glimpsed in the woods near Barry in episode 1 of this series would be a good source of information I don't know. It wasn't until later that they discovered he had a father and that, according to McNair Senior, the lad was born a werewolf. I suppose he was the only other werewolf they knew about.

Meanwhile Mitchell and Annie were trying to take their new relationship together to the next stage and get a little... physical. Unfortunately, it wasn't doing anything for Mitchell who, we find out later, has never really considered sex as an act of love, at least not since turning. I'm always wary about how TV and film portray relationship where characters must have sex within 48 hours of either meeting or going out with one another. In many shows there seems to be a need to have them "doing it" and for a while, it looked like that would be the case here. I'm glad that in the end Mitchell wanted a less physical relationship, which is fitting for a ghost and a vampire.

Unfortunately for Nina and George, after a bit of detective work by Nina, it appears Tom wasn't born a werewolf. His parents were attacked by NcNair when he was very young and he was turned into a werewolf by his "father's" scratches. That means Nina and George still don't know what to expect regarding this potentially-monstrous pregnancy.

With the arrival of the two werewolves looking for their "pack", Mitchell becomes understandably worried, given Lia's prophecy. Thinking that the elder McNair may be the wolf-shaped bullet destined to kill him, he goes to see Richard and Emma, the kinky vampires, in their suburban house and tells them where they can find the werewolf to use in their cage fights. However, when the vamps arrive at the McNair's van, they find George, Nina and Tom instead and take them to the cage.

Cue a big ol' fight as Mitchell and McNair rush to the rescue just as the full moon begins to transform the furry ones. Lots of vampires are killed - including Richard - whilst Mitchell and Annie are trapped inside the cage with four howling werewolves prowl outside.

This episode seemed to wrap up the McNair, Richard and Emma and cage-fighting storylines whilst allowing Annie and Mitchell's relationship to settle in. All in time to reintroduce a crazy Herrick, and Cara, who look like being the main story next week and perhaps for the rest of this series.

Meanwhile, Becoming Human continues over on the red button. However, with only another 5 minute "episode" shown, it feels like you only just get back into it when it comes to an abrupt end. It needs to be longer! Perhaps this would do better if stitched together to form one long, complete episode? Anyway, this week, the finger of suspicion over Matt's death points towards pretty girl Brandy, after Matt was caught spying on her in the girl's changing rooms.

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