Monday, March 07, 2011

Being Human: Though the Heavens Fall

(Love the title of this week's episode)

Herrick's back and the brown stuff hits the rotating thingy!

By which I mean the old, immoral, police uniform-wearing Herrick returns to terrorise the gang. And McNair and son are back too. And Nancy, the policewoman investigating the Box Tunnel massacre, she's back too! It's all getting very busy at the Honolulu Heights B&B.

After a so-so episode last week, Being Human is back on tracks, delivering a cracking episode which ramps up the suspense to a cliffhanger ending. It also brings together a number of threads crashing together, specifically the McNairs and Herrick, and finally resolves the massacre from the end of the last series.

Not only that but this episode is full of shocks, from the pre-titles flashback when we discover Herrick was responsible for the cage fights and McNair Snr's 'condition' to the very end when Mitchell is caught by the police and photographed. All via two even bigger shocks - the death of McNair and poor Nina's stabbing!

But there were more surprises in between...

Nancy is still doggedly determined to find enough evidence to arrest Mitchell, helped (of sorts) by Annie who, as Nina comments, has taken up fighting crime. She believes Mitchell's story that Daisy was responsible for all those the deaths on the train but starts to have doubts when Mitchell begins to dodge the subject under Nancy's re-examination.

Meanwhile McNair, nursing a wound, learns that Herrick is living in the B&B's attic and, after revealing that he's already killed Daisy (the attractive Scottish one) pounces on the amnesic Herrick. But Herrick defends himself with the knife Mitchell left behind and, amazingly, ends up the victor!

I have to say that, considering how tough they've made McNair out to be, he seemed a bit too easy to kill. Herrick didn't even look slightly injured.

Nancy's questioning has an ulterior motive though - to get Mitchell's fingerprints. Then another little shock when a police officer on the case reveals the results to her - and promptly punches her in the face! Turns out he's a vampire in disguise but thankfully Annie is around to save her and stake the vamp.

But, now with the evidence revealed, Annie has finally realised that Mitchell was involved in the Box Tunnel murders. Cue a brilliantly protrayed emotional confrontation between the two of them.

Although it seems Nancy has avoided turning into a blood-sucking creature of the night, she's just put off the inevitable. After heading back to Barry, she (and a bunch of armed officers) arrest Mitchell after Annie pleads with him to give himself up. Reluctantly he's dragged away, even though it will probably reveal the existence of vampires to everyone. Meanwhile, Nancy makes the mistake of investigating the attic and is sucked dry by Herrick, who finally understands who and what he is.

And if the police thought the Box Tunnel murders were bad, wait until they see the pile of dead officers in the B&B's living room! Not to mention the dead naked guy in the attic.

Nina and George come back after some worries about the size of Nina's bump (it seems werewolf babies develop quicker than human ones). George heads off to assist Mitchell (not sure what happened to Annie - we didn't see her at the police station nor in the B&B) whilst Nina goes inside where she painfully learns that the old Herrick is back, in a scene that is very similar to one from the old Marvelman comics. So is that the end of poor Nina? Is the baby lost? Will the truth about vampires come out?

A fantastic, bloodthirsty episode - probably the best this series - and I can't wait until next week's shocking conclusion.

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