Friday, April 29, 2011

Aviator #0: Background


Robert Tomlin had not had an easy life. When he was younger, he hadn't seen much of his father, who worked for a secretive branch of the military and therefore was often away for long periods. His mother, who ruled their home with an iron hand, had to look after Rob and his younger sister Julie whilst also holding down various part-time jobs. Still, they managed - at least until Rob's father was pronounced "missing in action" when Rob was 10 years old.

His mother didn't take the loss of her husband well and Rob was often left to look after things at home. In spite of this, he managed to do well at high school, pass his exams and get a place at Miskatonic University where he studied chemical engineering.

Eventually, Rob got a job at Knight City Pharmaceuticals as a lab assistant. The pay was reasonable and everything seemed to be going alright for once. That was until around 4 months ago.

Whilst working on some experimental chemicals for his new boss, Dr Stein, Rob happened to stumble across some information implying that the chemicals were not actually being sent to the expected manufacturing company across town. Instead, they had been diverted to something - or somebody - called "KRAKEN". Unfortunately, Rob was caught in his little act of espionage, and whilst trying to quickly get away and cover up his snooping he stumbled into the new batch of the chemicals, spilling them all over himself.

The next day, Rob Tomlin was fired from his job under incompetence charges. After a month or so, any money he'd managed to save began to run out. In order to keep himself afloat, he sold his apartment in Arkdale and moved into a smaller place in Devil Heights, one of the rougher parts of the city. Still, even then, the money wasn't going to last long. With no references and no one wanting to offer him a job, Rob became depressed, feeling that there was no point in going on. So, he decided to end it all by jumping off the top of his apartment building.

However, that's when Rob's life changed. Because Rob found he couldn't fall.

Instead, from that point on, Rob began to fly...


The strange chemicals that soaked into Rob's skin somehow reacted with his DNA to give Rob the superhuman power of flight. He can soar into the air travelling at speeds of Mach 1 or more if he pushed himself. He can also hover in place, almost instantly accelerate, and is incredibly manoeuvrable whilst flying.

In addition, the chemical reaction has made Rob much stronger and more resilient. He can lift over one ton without too much trouble and has incredible willpower. This helps him survive at high altitudes and resist the potentially damaging effects of high-speed travel.

Rob himself is an talented chemistry and biology student and an accomplished engineer. He's bright and agile, though unfortunately is a little plain looking and can be slightly introverted.

Aviator's Character Sheet

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