Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Create Your Own Superheroes

In trying to come up with an original image for Aviator, my newly created character whose adventures take place in Knight City, I had a quick look around at what was on the 'net and found a few superhero creators. Below are a couple of examples showing Aviator.

The first one on the left is from the Fabrica de Herois blog, a Portugese site and probably one of the best superhero designers around. The picture was created using the FH 2009 version - there's also an FH Animated version, which produces DC-animated style characters more in profile, and a FH 2011 version, which I think is still under construction (it didn't work for me). The only problems with this is that there was no WWII flying hat option (though there are plenty of other hats available) and that a lot of it is in Portugese (although you can select English in the 2009 version via the small American flag button!).

The one on the right is from an old favourite - Hero Machine. I think this was the first of these superhero graphical designers ever created - certainly it's the only one that's lasted. Currently it's on version 2.5, and a version 3.0 is in alpha phase. The old original is also available, as is a number of non-superhero variants. Hero Machine is the work of Jeff Hebert, who I've had the pleasure of gaming with in some Uberworld PBeMs. He also drew one of my characters for me - The Beast.

Although I have a fondness for Hero Machine, I have to say that - being a fan of the DC animated style - I prefer the Fabrica de Herois look and design. However both have a lot of options and can produce some great, original results.

I also found a couple of other superhero designers, but these have far less options - although the results can still be quite impressive. They are:

I tried using them to get more pictures of Aviator, but their limitations meant the results weren't as good as the above.

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