Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It was finished.

“He is perfect!” the Professor proclaimed, standing at the side of the impressive figure that lay on metal table in front of him. Behind the prone figure, thousands of similar bodies swam in large embryonic tanks, ready and waiting. The Professor checked the dials and lights above the single extracted body before activating the awakening procedure.

“They called me prodigy but I am so much more than that”, he called out to the large laboratory. “I have solved their energy concerns, eradicated diseases, eliminated hunger and unravelled mysteries. Now I shall bring them perfection and save this world!”

Even as a child the Professor was gifted. Through school he had trained his body and mind, becoming the captain of a multitude of sports and achieving degrees in every sciences possible. He had travelled the world, uncovering eastern wonders, solving dark mysteries and recovering undersea treasures. Then he’d returned to civilisation to share his knowledge and save the world as its hero.

His latest gift would be the ideal Man. Applying his vast understanding of human biology, he had studied the human cell, split its nuclei, manipulated its microscopic contents. He had grown another human being and here he lay, slowly achieving consciousness. Soon, this being and all the others would be sent out to enlighten the world and, eventually, to reproduce their perfection.

Applied electricity completed its energizing revitalisation. The perfect figure opened his eyes and sat up. He looked around, taking in his surroundings before turning towards the Professor, bowing his head.

“Hello Professor”, he said, his voice flawless, his manners impeccable.

“Hello to you too, Professor”, the Professor replied to his exact replica, bowing his head in return before looking up towards the tanks beyond his double.

This was only the beginning. Soon, the whole world would be saved from its ignorance and chaos.

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