Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh

Part way through this week's episode of Doctor Who I thought we were going to see Rory die. Again. It was when the woman with the electric taser thingy was threatening to zap the Gangers and Rory tackled her to the ground. I thought he'd get zapped, die, but then we'd discover he was actually a Ganger all along.

But no, amazingly Rory remained unharmed this week. Although he has gone wandering off to save Jennifer (leaving his wife to the other Gangers) so who knows how he'll fare.

This weeks episode was good but not wonderful or exciting like last weeks or the first two weeks. Though it was better than the pirate episode. The pace seemed somewhat slower than previously and the story was given room to breathe. That also meant that occasionally things moved a little too slowly for me. Still it was enjoyable and suitably scary - it was the first episode my daughter had watched since the Christmas episode and it'll probably be the last for a while. She found it a bit too "freaky" (as she called it).

Quite a bit was made of the fact that the Doctor and the rest were unconscious for an hour or more but we haven't really seen the effect of that. Are Amy and Rory gangers? Perhaps even the 'original' people are actually gangers and the originals are elsewhere?

We'll just have to wait until next week for the second part. And then the week after it's the midseason cliffhanger. Already!

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