Sunday, August 07, 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Escape to L.A.

You know what's missing from this series of Torchwood? Aliens.

Okay, so there have been vague hints of aliens but we haven't actually seen any. In the past, the aliens have been pretty upfront - even in the Children of Earth miniseries the 456 aliens were quickly introduced. Here though all we have is a mystery and some sort of conspiracy. Its just not very Torchwoody.

As my parents-in-law pointed out, this series seems somewhat padded out. Yeah, there's a story there but it's 5 episodes stretched out to 10. For most of this week's episode, things seemed to drag somewhat. They introduced the "Dead is Dead" thing just for this episode it seems as its leader was killed at the end (erm, spoiler!). It was looking a little mediocre until the bit in the server room with the assassin. Then things looked up, as it seemed we were about to discover who was behind everything. Of course, it was all just a fake out - but we did find out that whatever it is it has something to do with Jack and his past. Perhaps all this is just to get at Jack after all?

It'll probably be someone or somethings that we, the viewers, haven't seen before. But it would be cool if they were the Daleks, eh? I mean, its not like Moffat has done much with them over in DW.

There were a couple of little 'mistakes'. How did Rex and Jack get back into the secure server room when they realised Gwen was in trouble? Why did Rex get on Esther's case for going to see her sister when he went to see his father? Why did the hired assassin have so much information about what was going on?

So, yeah, if it wasn't for the last part of this episode, this wouldn't have been much of an episode. Torchwood is proving to be a little disappointing for me. Not bad but not CoE good either. Unfortunately, it's not making me desperate to watch the next episode.

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