Saturday, October 01, 2011

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song


I was expecting answers galore - answers to everything - and we got some, I guess, but not everything.

We still don't know who or what tried to destroy the TARDIS at the end of the last series. Or why the Silents had a ship that looked like the cloaked timeship above Craig's flat. Or what the purpose of the Silents were/are.

Plus, are we to assume that the Teselecta starts to regenerate when shot? Or that anyone survives inside it even when it is burnt?

And considering time froze and began to disintegrate if the Doctor lived at that fixed point in time then, considering the Doctor actually didn't die, wouldn't things all go screwy again? Or is Moffat trying to say that the Doctor fooled Time itself?

So, yeah, not entirely satisfied.

Still, the episode was pacey and thrilling. It was also nice to see that the death of the Brigadier was officially recognised in the show. And it all sets things up for a more mysterious, unknown Doctor - one that people don't recognise and perhaps isn't so angst-ridden.

It's just that I'm not entirely happy with the answers we got. It means the Doctor has been travelling around the Universe for nearly 200 years without any other companions, notable adventures and has had lots of meetings with River (I'm not sure why he had to be 200 years older to be honest).

And I'd guessed the Question which should not be answered a little while ago. It's the 'question' that's been there since the beginning - it was the title of the show, after all.

So, an exciting episode but ultimately unfulfilling. Though "Pond. Amelia Pond" and Rory's last stand were kinda cool. ;-)

EDIT:  I've now watched this episode again, and on second viewing it seemed a lot more enjoyable. It still doesn't answer all the questions I was expecting to be covered but, knowing this, I could enjoy the episode for what it was. There were a number of spine-tingly, goose-bumpy moments in this which obviously means, emotionally, I found it to be an enjoyable episode.

It's just, as the final ep of the series, the big bad appeared to be the Doctor's death which is a bit nebulous as a threat. And that only gets addressed in the last three minutes. And, although I love alternate realities where you find the characters in different situations, this seemed to be just a throwaway idea and, after the resolution of this story, now never happened.


Sir Timothy Of Kent said...

Rats, I forgot about the 200-year gap in my hasty write-up! You're so right - it was totally unnecessary.

I think the paradox was avoided by the fact that it had to be "that" Doctor that died on the beach (only "that" Doctor wasn't our Doctor... am I making sense?)

And, yes, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered... and part of me is excited about that prospect and part of me fears a repeat of Lost.

Nimbus said...

Well, you make a decent point. I guess that as long as River shoots and 'kills' "that" Doctor then the fixed point in time remains and Time is happy. That sort of makes sense.

My problem with unanswered questions is that I hope Moffat gets round to answering them some time and hasn't just forgotten about them.

Sir Timothy Of Kent said...

Guess we'll have to see ;) I'm hoping he's already beginning to build up the story towards the 50th anniversary celebrations!