Monday, February 23, 2009

Being Human: epsiode 5

Oh. My. Goodness.

For me, the mark of a good TV series is when you get a cliffhanger at the end of an episode and you just can't wait another week to see what happens next. I certainly got that sense of excitement from yesterday's episode of Being Human, still currently the best thing on British TV.

Mitchell joined up with the other vampires again, disillusioned with the actions of 'real' humans. They seemed to be trying to help humans, only turning those that agreed to it. However Mitchell soon found out that really, in the end, all the vampires wanted to do was feed. Meanwhile, having decided to haunt her ex-fiancé, Annie tried to scare the living cack out of him, but it failed and we got to see his inner evilness. George, well, didn't really have much to do this episode other than play footsie with Nina and react to Annie and Mitchell's stories.

I found this week's episode to be funnier than the others. A number of times I was chuckling along (like during Annie and George's rescue of Mitchell). Sapphire and Steel got name-checked and so did Hustle (well, fellow BBC3 show "Real Hustle" anyway). It also progressed the series back-plot the most as the vampires began to ramp up their plans to take over Bristol (and then – the World!).

So, what did Annie say to her fiancé to eventually scare the hell out of him? Will she walk through the door to the Other Side and true death? Will Mitchell die from a fatal case of stake-in-the-chest? What will George do on his own if his two friends do pass on? Eek!

The only bad news is that next week's episode is the last one. Typical! Just when a really great show comes along, it's only on for six weeks. Why can't we have 22 episode seasons like the good ol' US of A?

This episode was so good I’m bumping up the grading on this to Near Mint.

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