Monday, February 09, 2009

Buying Bargain Books (part 2)

Well, my “damaged” and very cheap copy of the Kingdom Come TPB was delivered at the weekend. That was the one that I ordered from the Amazon Marketplace for just 1p. And it looks in better condition than many new books. There’s no crease on the front or back cover. It all looks wonderfully glossy and new.

It’s only on closer inspection inside that I found a fault inside. There appears to be a manufacturing problem on two facing pages (which show the cover to issue 2 of the original series). The pages are kind of torn but have been stuck back on to the original pages. It’s difficult to describe but it’s a bit like the top layer of paper split off from the rest. Anyway, it’s perfectly readable and only affects these two pages anyway, so it’s in much, much better condition than I was expecting. And for the price, well, I certainly can’t argue.

The Universe X TPB also came. Considering this was supposed to be new, there’s a slight crease on the back cover and so appears to be in slightly worse condition - though still perfectly fine - than the “used” book.

Expect a review of these sometime in the future.

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