Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hustle: Politics (Episode 5 Season 5)

Well, as I said before, Hustle is consistantly good. Although I missed the first ten minutes of the show it still entertained. Of course, it was yet another con job, and required more suspension of disbelief at the luck and coincidences, but if you like these things then this show is great.

This time the gang get mistaken for a bunch of lawyers after another successful con and are asked to help represent a youth club that about to be demolished by an ambitious politician. Sean has to go undercover working for this dragon and finds out that working the inside can be pretty tough.

Of course, they deduce that the woman is dishonest (she's a politician after all!) and creaming money off of delisting buildings. But he covers her tracks very well. However, eventually they bug her office and get her to confess - whilst, of course, making a little money (£100k) along the way.

As has been touched on in earlier episodes, the fire between Mickey and Emma hots up a little (although much of this we find out was merely an act to lure the mark). And Sean gets protective. The ending, which amounts to blackmailing the politician, seemed a little convenient but overall this was as enjoyable as ever. Next week's season final sounds pretty interesting though.

So again, this gets a Fine grading.

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