Friday, February 13, 2009

Hustle: The Road Less Travelled (episode 6 season 5)

Well, that was a good end to the latest series. Overall, a pretty decent series 5 with this last episode probably the best.

I've always wondered why previous marks and conned victims didn't try and get their own back. This week we found out why. It was the return of Carlton and Harry from episode 2's "New Recruits". It made sense that these guys would feel angry at getting conned and so would try to get their money back. And so they decide to enlist an old school chum - the slow and slightly stupid Alfie who happens to be the son of a duke - to be Micky and the gang's latest mark. Carlton and Harry have been reading up about cons and know that the gang will pull a convincer first to attract the mark before taking the mark for a big hit. So they'll get Alfie to be "convinced" to the tune of 1 million pounds, doubling his money, but then cut and run before the big hit occurs. Everything is planned out. Nothing can go wrong.

Of course, we can guess that Micky and gang have a trick up their sleeve even though it looks like they're going to lose one mill (seriously, they have £1 million hidden away?!). The thing is, how are they going to outcon Carlton and Harry?

I thought that perhaps dumb Alfie wasn't actually as stupid as he acted and was in league with Micky. But, well, I was wrong. It was a great surprise ending as the gang turned the tables on the swindling businessmen. So well executed and well setup. Absolutely brilliant.

Of course, with this being the last episode this series, it means that they'll be no Hustle next week. Which is a shame. Although not the most amazing show on the air, I enjoyed this immensely. Ah well - apparently, Heroes is back on BBC soon!

Grade: Very Fine.

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