Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WW: Watchmen Annotations

Watchmen Week continues as I follow on from yesterday's review of the graphic novel with some links.

Assuming you've read the Watchmen comics before - perhaps numerous times - then I find it's best to have a read of some handy annotations listed on the web to
further appreciate this fine series. Some of these annotations have pointed out things that I never knew about or weren't aware of on the first couple of readings. Here's some recommended links:

Watchmen Observations by Steven Blatt
Watching the Detectives by Stuart Moulthrop
Watchmen Annotations by Doug Atkinson (this list of annotations appears a lot on the web)
The Book in the Mirror: Reading Chapter V of Watchmen by Jessica Furé and Stuart Moulthrop

Plus here's a couple of other useful Watchmen webpages:

Wikipedia's Watchmen Page (I love Wikipedia)
Dennette's Watchmen Page

There are plenty of others out there, especially now that the film is just around the corner, but the above are a few of the best I've found in the past.

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