Monday, March 02, 2009

Being Human: episode 6

The first series of Being Human ends as it started and continued - with some good characterisation, excellent acting and engaging writing. It's urban fantasy with just enough fantasy to keep someone like myself interested whilst enough mainstream urban drama to attract the 'normal' folk.

To be honest, I have very little to say that I haven't said before. See Frank’s review over on the Cathode Ray Tube for a more insightful view of this. This episode showed us the result of the cliffhanger last week. Mitchell wasn't stabbed in the heart - the wound was on the wrong side - and Annie didn't leave through death’s door. After getting better (due to a poignant sacrifice from Mitchell's old flame), Mitchell decided enough was enough and set up a confrontation with Herrick, local leader of the vampires. However, George realised it was time to grow up and accept who and what he was, as well as pay back Mitchell's favour two years ago by taking on Herrick himself.

This episode also saw Annie grow in power (becoming perhaps a little too powerful). She can now fling vampires around, teleport several miles and hear pleas from other ghosts. I've never been quite convinced of Annie's ghostly abilities. She never seems to actually pass through things, teleporting instead, and it seems too easy for people to touch, or hurt or restrain, her. I guess it's to save on the effects budget. Then again, Mitchell seems to be quite able to go out in sunlight, so I think things are played a little loose with the usual conventions here.

I thought the end of this episode dragged a little. The confrontation with Herrick seemed a little laboured and I'm not sure what the whole idea behind it was (George was supposed to show how human he was by sacrificing himself for his friends... or something). But there were still plenty of moments of excitement.

And the end, with Nina possibly being infected with lycanthropy and the old man letting Professor Jabat know that they've found them (who's Professor Jabat? why does he want the three housemates?) sets up season 2 quite nicely. And yes, apparently there will be a second series. Hurrah!

So, overall for the series, a healthy Very Fine grade to this. The best drama series on UK TV this year - so far!

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