Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heroes: Trust and Blood (vol 4 ep 2)

Again, an exciting episode although slightly marred by the whole premise of this season. I’m still not convinced as to Nathan Petrelli’s motives behind rounding up all those with powers. It’s like he’s been shoehorned into this role with no real obvious motivation. Heck, not that long ago he was agreeing to his father’s plan to give everyone powers via that formula. Perhaps there’s more to it that we’ll find out later on?

Same goes for Noah as well although at least he mentioned that there was more to his agreement to round up powered individuals, implying something hidden that we’re not aware of yet.

As well as seeing the heroes avoid (or not) the Hunter’s men, we also witnessed Sylar’s evilness. That was lovely and graphic. It’s a pity the show’s makers are so enamoured with Sylar and haven’t considered raising the profile of another evil person with powers. Having said that, I quite like the Sylar / Peter dichotomy.

So nothing much new happened is this episode other than the set up of the fugitives on the run from Nathan and the Hunter but vowing to strike back at them. Still, I like Heroes, and it is well produced. So still a Fine grade for me.

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