Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Fights: Eye-Popping

It's Friday again and time for Spacebooger's wince-inducing Friday Night Fight's One Panel of Pain.

Last week, in spite of a bloody entry, I didn't manage to hold on to the title. Still, let's try some blood and brains again this week and see how well that goes down a second time (hopefully with a better scan this week). And let's try an old faithful - yes, that, erm, infamous scene from Infinite Crisis where Black Adam pushes his fingers through Psycho-Pirate's head. Gruesome! I love the little touch with the eye...

(this shunkkch-ing panel is taken from Infinite Crisis #6 written by the current master of mainstream bloodsplatter Geoff Johns, pencils by Phil Jiminez and inks by Andy Lanning)


Chovengo said...

Hey man, good one i almost choose that panel for this week , great choice ^_^

Nimbus said...

Thanks! It was an obvious choice really. :)