Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cosmics: Biff! Wham! Pow!


Kid Kinetic's supersonic punch hit the thin, long-nosed clown in the stomach, doubling up the costumed thug. The second clown, this one with bulging muscles and a long plank of sturdy wood, stepped up and swung his weapon. But Kid Kinetic was a blur and had already moved. The wooden plank hit the first clown to the ground, his large feet and nose sticking up into the air.


A third, white-faced clown aimed an eerily-coloured custard pie at Kid Kinetic. Laughing wildly, the clown let the pie fly.

"You shouldn't play with your food, bozo", called out Kid Kinetic.

The blurred outline of Kid Kinetic simply sidestepped out of the way of the pie. The custard pie hit the second clown who, despite his size and strength, immediately slumped to the floor snoring. The pie must've been filled with some sort of sleeping custard, thought Kid Kinetic as he approached the third clown.


"The name's Bonzo, kid", replied the third clown, picking up another catnap custard pie from a nearby table.

However, the clown never had a chance to throw his second slumber pie. Kid Kinetic had run up to the clown and clapped his hands together next to the clown's head. The spectacular speed of the clap caused a mini-sonic boom, which knocked the clown off his feet and onto the ground.


A moment later the custard pie dropped from the air and onto the clown's head. The clown, already seeing stars from the sonic-boom clap, fell into a deep, dreamy sleep.

"Night, night sleepy head", chuckled Kid Kinetic. He smiled, looked around and ran to the door of the warehouse.

A moment earlier the Clown King had left by this door leaving Kid Kinetic to tackle the remains of his Clown Gang. It had taken Kid Kinetic a few days to track down the Prince of Pranks and his crazy gang. He'd searched around much of Millenia, speeding down the streets and around buildings, looking in every nook and cranny much quicker than the local police could. Although he hadn't had much time to search as he would have liked - his school work had kept him busy. Still, it was amazing what Kid Kinetic could do in very little time.

It had been at school that Marty MacNeil, the secret identity of Kid Kinetic, got his lead. He'd overheard some other kids talking about the circus coming to town. Apparently, they'd seen some clowns in a multicoloured car near the outskirts just the day before and hence jumped to their conclusion. Marty knew better.

That evening, Marty donned his red and white uniform and went clown searching as the teen speedster Kid Kinetic. He quickly found the area the other boys had seen the clowns and, within minutes, found a newly renovated warehouse. Sneaking inside, he'd discovered the lair of Clown King and his gang, dressed to look like a circus ring. However, before he could stop the Clown King, his henchmen had rushed him allowing their master to escape through the warehouse's backdoor.

Having defeated most of the Clown King's thugs, Kid Kinetic ran to the door and opened it. Luckily, Kid Kinetic was moving so fast that the blue bucket balanced over the door missed him and emptied it's liquid contents onto the floor. The ground sizzled but Kid Kinetic did not stop to investigate further. He sprinted after the Clown King.

The King of Clowns, still many yards away from his clown car, could hear Kid Kinetic rushing up behind him. He turned around, laughing and giggling, whilst pulling what looked like a rubber chicken from out of his large, multicoloured coat.

"Ha ha!", laughed the Clown King. "Well if it isn't... tee hee... Doctor Dynamo's... ho ho... speeding sidekick. Fancy meeting you here. Ha ha ha. Will you be the Auguste to my... tee hee... White Face?".

Kid Kinetic slid to a halt and watched the Clown King.

"Give it up, Clown of Crime", Kid Kinetic shouted. "There's nowhere to hide. I've called the cops and they'll be here any minute. Plus, you're all out of bumbling buffoons".

The Clown King chuckled and almost fell over his big, long feet. Recovering, he pretended to wipe his eyes with a frilly hankerchief, whilst holding up the rubber chicken in his other hand.

"Ha ha! You do amuse me, Kid Coconut. Still, I know something you don't. Nyah, nyah!", he sang whilst hopping from one foot to the next. "You see... tee hee... I still have a gag or two up my sleeve. And you shall not escape the horror that is the... chicken of doom!".

The Clown King threw the rubber chicken at Kid Kinetic, who prompty dodged the pathetic poultry. However, as the chicken hit the ground there was a loud explosion and a dark purple noxious gas filled the air.

"Nice try, King of Nothing", replied Kid Kinetic, instantly moving to get away from the cloud. "But your gurgling gas cloud isn't going to stop me. All I have to do is whiz my arms around so fast that I create a funneling whirlwind to blow the mist away".

And Kid Kinetic did just that, rotating his arms at the shoulder to form a tornado to blow the miasma back at the Clown King.

"Curses!", yelled the clown, backing away as his laughter began to die away. "Still, ha! I shall escape to plan a gag for another day".

"Oh no you don't!", replied Kid Kinetic and he rushed up to the Clown King. The Clown King laughed half-heartedly and squirted a stream of green liquid from the fake flower in his lapel. Having seen this trick before, Kid Kinetic dodged the acidic spray. Then, grabbing a nearby length of steel cable, Kid Kinetic ran around and around the Clown King, wrapping the wire round and round the rotund clown. A moment later, the clown was held fast, entangled in the wire.

Moving away, Kid Kinetic watched as the purple cloud drifted over the struggling form of the Clown King. The villain coughed a couple of times and then fell to the ground knocked out.

Admiring his handiwork, Kid Kinetic beamed. "Well, that wraps things up", he chuckled happily.

Hearing the wail of police sirens, Kid Kinetic looked up from the sleeping clown and smiled. The police would be here shortly to ensure the Clown Gang was put behind bars. But Kid Kinetic couldn't wait. He had to get back home. His mom would be wondering where he was and he had homework to do.

And after that, he still had to search for the missing Dr Dynamo!

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