Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cosmics: Entropy

David Rogers' life had never amounted to much. Although bright, he'd not done well at school and since then had jumped from job to job. He'd worked as a cleaner, as a stacker in a store, as a waiter in a rundown restaurant, in telephone sales, and finally as an input clerk for a company dealing in statistical data.

Although better than his previous jobs, the work was monotonous. The numbers he entered seemed random, almost like he was involved in some time-wasting joke. Like his life, the numbers were chaotic without any excitement, disordered whilst also mundane and boring.

Things changed though during the destruction of Miami in 1999. What David thought was chaotic was nothing compared to the powers he could suddenly emit. Blasts of spatial distortions would fly from his body. Time could be flexed and broken down. Mechanical objects fell apart at his touch. He tried to control this power but was never fully successful. The chaotic cosmic energy that powered him didn't allow it and ruined his chance at keeping a normal job.

So, for a while, David tried being a hero. However, this did not prove to be a successful career choice. Not only were his powers too unpredictable, the work didn't come with a steady income. Inevitably, David - now calling himself Entropy - resorted to villainy to help provide money and food for himself.

Small time thievery, such as robbing stores and breaking into banks, seemed to work best for him. Most of the time he only faced normal security guards or, on occasions, the police. He could handle those. He managed to make quite a bit of money but, sadly, that increased his infamy. Which meant he attracted the attention of local cosmic heroes - such as Dr Dynamo.

In the latest conflict with the dynamic doctor, Entropy had managed to hold the Living Lightning to a stalemate. The electrical hero's attacks would somehow miss or hit something else. But then, at the exact moment that Entropy was about to release a wave of his reality altering power, Dr Dynamo's electrically powered punch hit him. The entropy blast warped and something strange happened.

Dr Dynamo disappeared.

And then so did Entropy.

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