Monday, December 20, 2010

Cosmics: Kid Kinetic

 (story from the Millenia Herald, 17th December, 2010)
Kid Crimefighter Clocks Clown King

Yesterday, at approximately 8pm, Millenia's speeding hero Kid Kinetic, sidekick of the respected crimefighter Dr Dynamo, stopped a raid at the downtown Bank Of America. The raid was conducted by the Clown King, a gadget wielding villian well known to the local authorities, and four other unknown associates dressed in clown outfits. Kid Kinetic, one of the city's newest costumed cosmics, arrived whilst the Clown King held up the bank.

Ms Beth Monroe, 31, one of the assistant banker tellers at the scene was somewhat shaken by the attack. "The Clown King and his men had burst in just as we were closing for the day. One of the bank's guards approached the gang and told them to stop. But the Clown King just laughed and threw what looked like a shiny Christmas bauble at the guard. The bauble exploded, knocking the guard out and showered the place with paper streamers. The other clowns then rounded everyone up, brandishing large candy canes as clubs. The Clown King just kept on laughing the whole time. It was terrible".

The arrival of Kid Kinetic was also something of a shock to many in the bank. Bill Williams, 40, a customer at the bank and one of those held hostage, was the first to see him. "There was a sudden breeze in the room and then that Kinetic kid appeared out of nowhere. He was this blurred blue and red figure. He told the Clown creep to stop. When one of the other clowns pointed his piece at him there was a sudden flurry of activity and next thing you know, the clowns' weapons were in a pile at the kid's feet. The kid was smiling the whole time".

Apparently, so witnesses describe, Kid Kinetic subdued three of the Clown King's associates before the ringleader himself confronted him. Details at that point are a little vague but Mr Williams had this to say. "The kid had punched the Clown King a couple of times. At least, I think he did - he was moving so fast it was difficult to see. Anyway, the kid told the clown to give up and come peacefully but the guy just laughed. He then pointed one of those joke plastic flower squirters at the kid and a stream of sizzling liquid hit him in the face. The kid dropped to the floor holding his face. I think the liquid might've been acid or something".

Police officials state that the Clown King and one of his associates left the bank soon after the attack and that both the police and Kid Kinetic were unable to stop him. Due to the cosmic hero's timely intervention, three of the Clown King's thugs have been taken into custody.

Deputy Chief Frank Fernandez of Millenia's Police Department stated "Thankfully Kid Kinetic was in the area and managed to stop the Clown King's gang before anyone was seriously hurt or any money was taken". The police are still searching for the whereabout of the so-called Prince of Pranks.

This is the second bank robbery that Kid Kinetic has prevented in the last month. Again, during yesterday's struggle, there was no sign of the cosmic sidekick's mentor and member of the Cosmic Knights, Dr Dynamo. It has now been nearly two months since the dynamic defender was last seen fighting the notorious Entropy. Unfortunately, Kid Kinetic was unavailable to comment on yesterday's attempted bank robbery and Dr Dynamo's absence.

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Nimbus said...

Kid Kinetic - and the NPC Dr Dynamo - were originally heroes in a short-lived PBeM game called the Dynamics, or something like that. I then used KK in a couple of other games - Silver Age! (set in the Global Guardians universe) and Legends. To be honest, none of the games lasted very long beyond the introduction of this Impulse-like character and the beginnings of the "Whatever Happened to Dr Dynamo?" mystery.

Other than the first game - which was systemless (yes, you can play a RPG without a system) - KK was built using the HERO System 5th ed rules.